Between entrance and exit 2013
Radio interview as special guest Cinedans festival 2014

Between entrance and exit 2013

Before the shooting of the dance-film 'Between entrance and exit' we had a six week rehearsal period where we took the liberty to rehearse and experiment with the choreography, camera and editing to discover if the ideas in our script worked or not.

Between entrance and exit 2013
Shooting plan.

Because the choreography was heavily dependent of the camera-positions, D.O.P. Martijn van Broekhuizen or I were always present with a little HD-camera.

Between entrance and exit 2013
Film Stills.

On the set of 'Between Entrance and Exit' the Czech cameraman Jan Malir - a personal friend of Jirí Kylían - made during four days photographs of the work in progress.

Between entrance and Exit 2013 Speech at Cinedance 2014

In 2014 I was the guest of the year at the Cinedans festival in Amsterdam, I gave there the following speech:
For two years the choreographer Jiri Kylian and I worked on the script for the dance-film ‘Between entrance and exit’. Every time a version of the script was ready, Jiri told me that there is a possibility that things will change during the rehearsal period. I think that ‘things’ - in this case - is an understatement. Basically the whole film was rewritten or better said; recreated in the weeks we rehearsed with the dancers.